How to remove common stains on Children’s Clothes

No matter how great your kids’ clothes are, your children will always find a way to get them dirty. Whether they drop lunch on their clothes or skid on the grass when playing outside, kids always end up with stains on their clothes at the end of the day. Follow these clever tips to remove ordinary stains from your kids’ clothing.




Kids and dirt go hand and hand. If the mud is still wet, let it dry. Trying to remove the mud when it is still wet will only spread the stain. Carefully scrape the mud off the stain with a knife. Gently sweep away the dirt with a small brush. Put a few drops of liquid dish soap directly on the stain. Use your fingers to rub the detergent into the stain. Add a couple drops of water to the detergent on the stain. Vigorously rub the stain with a brush on both sides of the fabric. Repeat these directions until the stain is gone. Wash the garment according to the directions on the tag.




Skidding across the grass is the ultimate joy for kids. Unfortuantely, removing the grass stain can be a headache for any parent. Soak the grass stained garment in a mixture of cold water and an enzyme product for at least one hour. Don’t use hot water because it could further set the stain in the fibers of the garment making it harder to remove. If it is an aged stain, wash it. If the stain is still visible, soak it for an additional 30 minutes. Wash the garment using a color-safe bleach.




Unfortunately, getting cuts and bruises is a common occurrence with kids. If your child gets cut and blood drips on their outfit, immediately wash the blood stain on the garment under cold water. Soak the blood stained piece of clothing in warm water mixed with a tablespoon of liquid dish detergent. Carefully rub the stained area back and forth to help loosen the blood. Soak the garment for another 20 minutes, then rinse it. Soak the garment in an enzyme product for approximately 35 minutes, then wash it. If the blood stain has dried, pretreat the area with a stain remover. Soak the garment for a few hours in an enzyme product. Wash the garment according to the directions on the tag using a color-safe bleach.


Greasy Food


Remove stuck-on food from the garment with a clean paper towel. If the food is stuck to the garment, carefully scrape it off with a plastic knife. Lay the garment stain side up on a flat surface. Sprinkle baking soda on the food stain. Leave the baking soda on the stain for approximately 20 minutes or overnight for the best results. Brush the baking soda off the stain. Pour a few drops of grease fighting liquid dish soap on the stain. Rub the soap into the stain with a toothbrush. Leave the soap on the stain for approximately 15 minutes. Wash the garment in the hottest water allowed according to the washing instructions on the tag with a bleach-free detergent.




After a day of making creative items with Play-Doh, kids somehow seem to manage to get it on their clothing. Allow the Play-Doh to dry completely. Loosen the Play-Doh with a stiff brush. If this doesn’t quite do the job of removing the stain, gently wash the stain with mild soap and water. You may need to repeat these directions a couple of times in order to completely remove the stain.


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Children’s Fashion: History of the Sailor Suit

Children’s Fashion: History of the Sailor Suit

The sailor suit was the first popular children’s fashion trend. The impulse that set the ball in motion was Queen Victoria’s decision to dress the four-year Prince of Wales, Albert Edward, in a scaled down version of the sailor suit of the Royal British Navy. The young Prince wore the sailor suit on the royal family’s visit to the Channel Islands in 1846. His portrait was painted at the same time. The portrait, as well as a series of engravings, helped to popularize the sailor suit among the British public.

Queen Victoria’s decision to dress Prince Edward in the sailor suit was obviously designed to court favor with the British public and make a favorable impression for the British monarchy. Prince Edward’s sailor suit was modeled on the suit worn by the regular sailor in the Royal Navy rather than an officer’s uniform. In the 19th century England was the most powerful colonial power and the Royal Navy was the biggest navy in the world. The sailor suit helped to strip away the class distinctions that were a prominent aspect of British culture. As a fashion trend the sailor suit had a strong social impact.

The sailor suit did not become a popular fashion trend for children overnight. British boys began wearing sailor suits in the 1860s, fifteen years after Prince Edward’s portrait. Prince Edward began dressing his own sons in sailor suits in the 1870s and, once again, the influence of the royal family helped to popularize the sailor suit for young children. The fashion trend really took root in the 1870s when advertisers began marketing it. By the 1880s the sailor suit was a popular fashion trend for girls as well as boys. The sailor suit became so popular in the 1880s that few boys grew up in England without wearing it and, for some, was practically all they wore.

The enthusiasm of the sailor suit in England, in the 1880s, soon became contagious and spread to other countries in Europe. Russia and the United States picked up on the trend. The individual countries designed their own versions of sailor suit to conform to the Navy and style of their particular country. At the same time, the sailor suits shared a few basic a few basic characteristics. Boys wore a middy top with shorts or long trousers. Girls wore a skirt in place of trousers. The children’s sailor suits resembled actual navy uniforms and they often had stars, anchors, and eagles sewn on.

In England boys originally wore bell-bottoms rather than long trousers or shorts. The sailors in the Royal Navy wore bell-bottoms which made it easy to roll their pant legs up when they swabbed the deck. In 19th England, sailor suits were originally designed for seaside holidays. The suits were designed to withstand the salt water and sunshine. Mass production helped to make sailor suits affordable and popular with the middle class. They became popular all year round and not just on the seaside holiday.

One of the major reasons why sailor suits were such a popular fashion trend is that kids and parents liked them. Children probably enjoyed the aura of military style. From the parent’s perspective, sailor suits were versatile and durable. Sailor suits are ideal for a variety of social situations, from the formal to the informal. In the late nineteenth century girls began to wear red wool twill sailor top with a pair of black bloomers and uses as a gym uniform- they allowed more freedom of movement.

The sailor suit was the first popular trend in children’s fashion. It originally had the air of royalty about it, but, at the same time, it served to break down class distinctions and hierarchy. Iconic cartoon figures like Donald Duck and Popeye testify to the popularity of the sailor suit among kids.

The heyday of the sailor suit’s popularity has declined but it is still popular for special events such as weddings, first communion ceremonies, and Easter services, and family photographs. It is a type of formal wear for young boys and girls that evoke a sense of the past. The young Prince William wore a sailor suit to his uncle’s wedding. The sailor suit has been the traditional uniform of the Vienna Boy’s Choir for decades.


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Funny Bunny Kids Quote Contest

Thank you for your interest in the Funny Bunny Contest.

We want you to make us laugh with funny, silly, and outlandish things that your kids say. If your comment has the most likes on Monday January 13th 2013 at 12:00 pm EST. ( 5 winners will be chosen). You will be shipped via economy shipping your choice of bunny ears or sailor hat as depicted on the Best Dressed Tot facebook page AT NO COST TO YOU.



-Winner must be in the USA in order to receive prize

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-Prize is “as is” no exchanges

-likes will be counted on Monday January 13th 2013 at 12:00 pm EST no exceptions will be made.

Bunny Ears for FAcebook boyhatforfacebook

If you have questions please contact

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Keeping Bedtime a Safe Time

Over the last 20 years or so, advances in technology have made it easier then ever before for people to access the Internet and thus shop retailers around the globe. While in many cases this practice has made life even easier (and less expensive) there are times when the ability to purchase things like children’s pajamas from other countries can be a hazard.


The United States is one of the few countries which carefully regulates the safety of any clothing sold specifically to children, and for good cause, the safety of our children is paramount and should be taken seriously by all.


Currently the US government Consumer Product Safety Commission requires that clothing sold specifically for children from 9 months through size 14 meet strict safety requirements regarding flame resistance. In order to protect kids from burns all children’s pajamas must be both flame resistant and be able to self extinguish small flames such as those from a candle, lighter, match and other similar sources if exposed to flame for three seconds or longer.


Safe Sleepwear for Kids

The rules go on to tell us that the fabric used for the pajamas must either pass flammability tests or be tight fitting enough that loose areas of fabric cannot accidentally “brush” a flame.


What chemicals are used to make children’s pajamas fire safe?


Most manufacturers of children’s sleepwear choose to create clothing that meets the second requirement under CPSC guidelines, however, an estimated 80 percent of kid’s PJs are still manufactured using chemicals. When the guidelines first went into effect in the early 1970s the chemical used was tris phosphate which is also known as tris or TDBPP. Unfortunately this chemical was found to cause cancer and sterility in animals, so it was outlawed in 1977.


Today, those manufacturers who make flame resistant children’s pajamas use a chemical called PROBAN. PROBAN is made from tetrakis hydromethyl phosphonium chlorida otherwise known as THPC.


Are Flame Resistant Pajamas Safe


Although children’s sleepwear which has been chemically treated with PROBAN is still on the market and considered safe, there is some controversy over this. According to speculation, PROBAN may cause damage to the nervous system and liver, genetic abnormalities and promote cancerous growth. Studies have proven inconclusive for whether or not there is any danger but many parents choose to avoid flame resistant garments.


The big problem is that manufacturers are not required by law to label products which contain flame retardant chemicals. Manufacturers of some children’s pajamas do so as a selling point, but until the laws change it is difficult to know what items have been treated.


How to avoid chemically treated children’s pajamas?


Flame retardant chemicals are generally added to manmade materials such as polyester and nylon, so the best way to avoid them is to opt for children’s pajamas made from all natural fabrics like organic cotton, silk, bamboo or wool. But be aware. Many all natural fabrics are still chemically treated so look for the label before purchasing.


For those who are considering purchasing pajamas that are not chemically treated to be flame retardant, there are a few things to keep in mind. The CPSC guidelines do give us an alternative, tight fitting children’s pajamas.


The fact is, in much of the country, staying warm over the long winter months requires a heating source of some type. Loose fitting, non-flame resistant children’s pajamas can become a fire hazard if a child accidentally brushes too close to the fire place or heater. It is a good idea to make sure that any garments purchased for a child fit snug enough to mitigate the danger.


Always purchase age appropriate clothing that actually fits. Too often as parents we purchase clothing items a size too big to help defray the expense of new clothes every couple of days or weeks, but in the case of children’s pajamas one cannot be too careful.


Other things to consider when purchasing children’s pajamas


Children’s pajamas are marketed to..well children, which means that they often have decoration to make them more appealing. As parents we want to buy products for our children that they will enjoy, but some adornments can be a hazard.


Do not purchase children’s pajamas with small buttons, bows or other adornments, as these items can pose a choking hazard even when worn by big sister or brother, instead choose pajamas with any decoration printed on the fabric itself.

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How Children’s Fashion Has Changed Over Time

How Children’s Fashion Has Changed Over Time

A Journey Through the Biggest Trends in Children’s Clothing

It’s no secret that fashion is an ever evolving thing. From puffy shoulder pads to jeggings, it’s hard to say which trend will pop up next. Style icons have certainly shifted along with trends leaving our children looking up to people like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. There is no denying that children’s clothing has certainly become an industry of its own as celebrities are jumping on the design bandwagon. Tori Spelling, Gwen Stefani, and Heidi Klum are just a few celebrity moms who have attempted to become a popular face in the children’s clothing industry.

We all have those horribly, embarrassing photos that we wish we never seen another light of day. You know, the ones that leave you cringing at the “coke bottle” glasses, the teased hair, and/or the cotton leggings with the stirrups. C’mon, let’s be real…the only thing worse than those pants would have been if people wore the stirrups on the outside of their shoes. Let’s take a walk together and look at how children’s clothing has changed over time. We will start a few decades back because well, frankly, we don’t have a lifetime for discussion. If the Flintstones taught us anything, functionality was key before the world became industrialized.


1950s Rewind:

The 1950s were a huge turning point in the world of children’s clothing. Enter poodle skirts and pedal pushers. While the 50s were still a decade that didn’t quite welcome loungewear for kids, the world began to recognize that dresses were not always the opportune choice when riding bikes and playing outside. Meet the pedal pusher. It is basically a capri style pant that became popular among young girls. It was still common in this time era for girls to be donning dresses as every day wear but the material shifted to cotton and material blends that allowed for comfort.

Fast-forward to the 1980s:

The 1980s are notably the most talked about era in all of fashion. Some of the trends from the 80s are making their comeback while some of them never left. When I think about 80s fashion, the first thing that comes to mind are acid washed jeans and Chuck Taylors. Boys and girls alike were donning the trend that has continued to dominate people’s closets through the years. Fashion became fun as plastic bracelets and big hair became the norm. The 80s speak for themselves and continue to be a staple of conversation among fashionistas today.

….Say Hello to 2012:

Here we are in 2012. Fashion is innovative, functional, and flashy! Things such as EZ Sox help children with sensory issues learn to dress themselves while brands such as Mud Pie and Rare Editions bring little girl’s favorite things to life. Jeggings have become a staple in adult clothing and children’s clothing while tutus reign supreme among little girl must-haves! Children’s clothing seem to follow adult trends more and more as time goes on which is quite apparent when looking at every day wear. Toddler boys are seen wearing ripped denim and graphic tees while the girls’ clothing ranges anywhere from cardigan sweaters to bell bottomed jeans.






While trends are usually recycled, there are a few that we hope never make it back into existence (do I really need to mention parachute pants?). It is clear that children’s clothing continues to evolve with adult styles and isn’t made just for functionality anymore. There’s one movement in kid’s fashion that never seems to fade –bright, vibrant colors. From neon colored jeans, to brightly colored blouses, it seems appropriate given children’s unwavering excitement for life. Whether it’s an old style that’s creeping back into fashion or something we’ve never seen before, children’s fashion promises to keep us on our toes.

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Easy Gift Ideas for Kids

Easy Gift Ideas for Kids

Santa’s Guide to Satisfying Any Lil’ Elf


Christmas carols ring through your ears and the smells of pine and cinnamon fill the air. It’s Christmas time and while it’s sometimes stressful, it’s also the happiest time of the year. You spend weeks planning the perfect gift waiting for that moment when you can finally see it opened.

Though it’s sometimes easy to pinpoint the perfect gift for someone, it can also turn out to be more difficult than you had anticipated. Buying for children should be the easiest of tasks, however, how do you please both the parents and the children? Consider this a guide to buying a gift that will satisfy the needs of all who dare to shop.

To The Family with the New Addition:

While they say that first impressions are lasting impressions, we can all be honest here by saying that a newborn doesn’t have a clue about the holiday season. We’d like to think the gift we buy will carry through life with them, but it’s probably more likely he/she will end up loving the box it came in. So—we can all identify that this gift is to impress the parents. The best gifts for a parent are the ones that celebrate new life. Below are a few examples:

First Family Photo Session- We all know those parents who can never get enough of looking at pictures of their new baby. Celebrate their growing family with photos that will last a lifetime.

Toto Knits Organic Hoodies- While this gift is more materialistic than others on this list; I love a gift with a great cause! All Toto Knit sweaters are hand crafted by women in Kenya who are paid by the piece. This allows the women to work as needed to provide for their families.

To The Family with the Toddlers Who Have Everything:

We all have those friends or family members who have removed the word “no” from their vocabulary in reference to their children. This can make buying for those children especially difficult as they will be your biggest (and most honest) critics. Out of the box ideas will work best for these children, given they probably own every toy ever made.

Personalized Wooden Toy Box – If a toddler in your family has all the toys he/she could never need, give them a place to keep them! This will instill a practice of putting them away while creating a keepsake that they can carry through life with them.

A Day Pass to a Children’s Museum – In case you don’t have children of your own, let me tell you that toddlers have ample amounts of energy. Just when you think they are lying down to recharge, they remind you that quiet time is a thing of the past. Give the gift of a learning adventure with a day pass to a local children’s museum.

To The Family with the Children “Six Going on Sixteen:”

While this is an exciting time in a child’s life, it is sometimes difficult for the parents to let go of the fact that their children are no longer babies. It becomes very clear that they are forging their own path and becoming more independent each day. Create memories shared by the entire family with the following gifts:

Family Day at the Ski Park – Now is the perfect time to introduce kids to the sport of skiing and snowboarding. A family skiing lesson package is a great idea for those hoping to slow down and enjoy the time they have together.

First Camera – Children these days are surrounded by technology and the truth is, they can probably operate it better than adults by the time they hit this age. Let them take a break from the video games and laptops for a while to capture the beauty of life around them.

When you sit down with a cup of hot cocoa this Christmas season and find yourself wondering how you can purchase a gift that will leave a lasting impression, I hope you consider this guide. Remember, gifts do not have to be a costly burden or put you into a stress-induced coma…the best gifts are the ones that are made of memories.

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Take Home Outfits

Being a new or expectant grandparent can be frustrating. You can’t carry or birth the baby, you don’t get to make important, bottle-or-breast-type decisions about your grandchild’s upbringing…but, if you’re lucky, you do get to shop for the baby and maybe—just maybe—will be granted permission to purchase that all-important piece of baby gear: the take-home outfit.

Many families have a tradition of bringing babies home from the hospital in new, special outfits chosen just for the occasion—take-home outfits. Not only is it exciting to dress an infant in something chosen especially for him or her, many parents feel it bodes well for the baby’s future to have him or her exit the hospital doors and enter the real world dressed to impress. Sometimes considered a status symbol, sometimes more of a promise to provide Baby with the best of everything, take-home outfits should be comfortable, practical and, above all, adorable.

A take-home outfit is usually the first non-hospital-issue garment a child wears, which is, in itself, a sort of milestone. Couple that with the fact that it’s worn the day the baby heads home from the hospital, and you can rest assured that this outfit will be well photographed. Take your time and choose something special that everyone will ooh and ahh over decades from now when the baby book is resurrected and opened to the “going home” page. Here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping.


The take-home outfit doesn’t have to be a budget buster, but it’s also no place to scrimp. Splurge for a higher-quality outfit that will not only look great in photographs, but that Baby might even get some further use out of during those first few weeks of life. Some take-home outfits even achieve instant heirloom status—you’ll want to purchase something that will remain in good condition and be worthy of being handed down to your great-grandchildren.


Yes, the outfit has to be to-die-for cute. Yes, a baby girl can even wear a skirt or dress. But do keep in mind that the new mother will have to wrestle your grandchild into the outfit before they can leave the hospital. Too many snaps or difficult-to-don pieces may just frustrate everyone and spoil some of the fun of dressing the little one up.

Remember that infants have sensitive belly buttons, and try to choose clothing that fits loosely around the middle and won’t rub or pull at the umbilical cord stump. Little extras like attached mittens or hand-covers that keep Baby from scratching his or her face before all the photos have been snapped, or matching spit-up bibs that protect the outfit from those tiny, but messy, burp-ups are often appreciated by new moms as well.

Finally, don’t forget that your new grandchild will have to ride home in a car seat. Be sure to choose a take-home outfit that can reasonably fit within the car seat’s harness to avoid last-minute stress on the way out of the hospital.


Remember that babies can’t regulate their body temperatures as well as adults and select a take-home outfit that’s appropriate for the weather at the time of the baby’s discharge. Many outfits come with accessories like hats or matching blankets that can be added or removed as temperatures dictate. Booties and little jackets are also great options. Offering a new mother choices about how she layers her baby’s going-home clothing means that she, and the baby, will feel comfortable no matter what the weather is like.

If you keep these things in mind, and shop with love and care, your grandchild will emerge from those hospital doors looking like the little star you know he or she already is, while you line up to snap photos with the rest of the family paparazzi and demurely accept countless compliments on your good taste in infant fashion. And, who knows? You just might have started a new family tradition.

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Taking Holiday Photos

With the holidays coming up, it is time to start thinking about taking some holiday photos. Getting all dressed up to take photos for Christmas cards can be a fun experience for the entire family. However, taking photos isn’t always easy when you have small children. Many of them don’t like to sit still for long periods of time and whine a lot during photo sessions. Here are some tips on how you can make taking holiday photos a success.

Choose Comfortable Clothing for Your Children

Although you might want your children to wear ties and fancy dress shirts, they probably aren’t going to like wearing those types of clothes and will complain. It is best to choose comfortable clothing for your children to wear to the photo shoot. For example, if you have a boy, you could dress him up in a red long-sleeved shirt and pair of khaki pants. Avoid dressing your children in clothes that have too much print; they are too busy and can be very distracting.

Take Photos at the Right Time of Day

Children can be very moody, so you have to take photos when they feel their happiest. While some children feel happiest in the early morning, others are more cheerful after their nap in the afternoon. If you want to take the best photos possible, choose a time of day when everyone is well-rested and excited to take pictures.

Reward Your Children With Treats

One of the best ways to get your children to behave during photo shoots is to offer them treats. Children will be much more willing to sit still and smile for the camera when you offer them some candy beforehand.

Take Lots of Shots

It is important to take as many shots as possible. If you take a lot of shots, you are more likely to get good photos that you will want to use.

Don’t Use Flash Indoors

If you are taking photos indoors, you will want to turn the flash off. Using the flash indoors will not produce flattering photos. The flash produces a harsh and flat light, which will make everyone look unnaturally pale. To prevent your photos from looking dark, make sure to shoot near a window. If you are shooting at night, turn on as many lamps as you can.

If you follow these tips, there is no reason why your holiday photos can’t turn out great. If you have not decided whether you want to take the photos yourself or have a professional do it, you should be aware of the pros and cons of each. If you have your photos done professionally, you won’t have to worry about picking out the perfect poses and can rely on a professional photographer doing all the work. However, professional photos can get expensive. You also can’t really take candid photos when you see a professional. It can be easier to take photos of your children when they’re least expecting it because they look more natural.

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Understanding How to Purchase Children’s Clothes by Age

Shopping for a baby begins before the child is even born. For a new parent or grandparent, there is nothing like buying that first pink or blue outfit for a baby on the way. However, if you’ve never purchased baby clothes before it can be hard to decide where to begin. The first time you walk into a store’s baby department, you’re bombarded with rows upon rows and shelves stacked, sometimes to the ceiling, with baby clothes. And they’re all so adorable, how do you choose? It can be overwhelming!

If you know the sex of the baby, you’ve already won half the battle. Next you’ll need to understand the sizing of baby clothes for newborn baby gifts. Clothing brands size primarily by age. Most brands of clothing will include the weight and length on the tag, which is very helpful. The sizes are: preemie, newborn, 0 to 3 months, 3 to 6 months, 6 to 9 months, 9 to 12 months and 12 to 18 months. When picking out sizes remember, babies grow from a tiny newborn to a cute and chubby baby at an astonishing speed. Go ahead and get a few of those precious little newborn outfits but also buy clothing in assorted bigger sizes because that little baby is going to grow like a weed!

So once you’ve decided on sizes, what types of clothing do babies usually wear? The first few months of life they spend most of their time sleeping with a few alert playtime hours in between. So you’ll want to buy an item called a sleeper or coverall. This is basically a one piece pajama that zips from the foot to the neckline. Another important item of baby clothing is a bodysuit. They’re one piece shirts with snaps between the legs. Purchase a lot of these because between the feedings, drool and diaper changes, parents change babies’ clothes several times a day without much time for laundry!

All too soon, adorable babies turn into busy toddlers. Toddler sizing begins in months. You have 18 and 24 months. Then sizes go by year and include a “T” for “toddler.” The sizes are: 2T, 3T, 4T, and sometimes a 5T depending on the brand. Even though a size 24 months and a 2T seem to be the same, the 24 month size is roomier to accommodate a diaper and 2T is longer. Growth for a toddler slows down somewhat after the first and second year, but they enter into an awkward phase. Most children wear tops and bottoms in different sizes. Try to pick sizes based on the child’s weight. If a child’s weight falls in between the range of two sizes, always get the next size up. Many 2 year old toddlers can wear a 3T well before their third birthday.

Toddlers have more personality than their former baby self and they begin to develop interests and favorite things. When picking out an outfit for toddler gifts, consider their favorite animal, character or personality trait. Toddlers crawl, run, climb, jump and are all over the place so keep in mind their active lifestyle. Bodysuits and comfortable stretchy pants are great choices. Purchase clothing that can be layered as well. Sweatshirts, button downs and jackets are essential.

When you purchase clothes for school age kids, shopping becomes easier. Children’s clothes sizes are pretty straightforward going from size 4, 5, 6, 6X, 7, 8, 10 and 12 for girls and 4, 5, 6, 7, 7X, 8, 10 and 12 for boys. They skip size 9. Both genders include an “x” size, 6X for girls and 7X for boys. This size is a transitional year when one size is too small and the next size up is too large. Some brands also offer different fits in the same size, such as, regular, slim and husky. The best clothing as gifts to buy children is styles and graphics that fit their activities and interests. If a kid loves soccer or ballet then you’ll look for clothing that features those things.

Buying clothing for children can seem daunting when considering sizes and different styles, but it’s also so much fun and always a hit with them and their parents!

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Leggings are for kids of all ages!

Leggings are the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Every little girl wants to be a diva but there are many types of clothes that are simply not practical for little ones. Leggings are one of the key elements in any diva ensemble that allow the youngster to express their sense of style with otherwise impractical outfits. There are many other reasons to let the little ones wear leggings too; they keep them warm with the ability for endless layers, they are very inexpensive and can be found in most stores and it takes virtually forever for any girl to outgrow them. Leggings are the perfect addition for any little girls wardrobe and they will not break mom and dads bank.

Leggings for little girls


What Are Leggings?

Leggings are in between actual pants and tights. They are made of a soft, elastic type fabric that allows for stretching while being appropriate for the little diva to wear like pants. They come in a wide range of colors and sizes although typically one size fits all so parents do not need to worry about their daughter outgrowing the leggings within a month of buying them. Leggings are found in all sizes from newborn to larger sizes for even teenage girls.


Every little girl wants to express herself through her style and her parents do not want to take that away but they also need to decide what the girl wears to make sure that what they do wear is acceptable. The addition of leggings makes most otherwise unacceptable types of clothing and creates a whole new look that is not only stylish, but acceptable as well. From newborn to toddler, leggings help to express the individual style of any little girl.

Little girl wearing pink leggings



One of the most attractive parts to leggings for youngsters is the fact that they can be worn under just about anything. Not only can a little girl wear them under a dress like tights, but they can also wear them under shirts to wear them like pants too. This is a perfect compromise when a parent feels the little diva’s dress is way to small but she won’t let it go; with her leggings, she can wear the dress like a long shirt with pants on under it.

In addition, leggings can also be layered and worn under pants too. This is a great feature for kids who live in or are traveling to areas that become very cold. Since the leggings are made of thin but warm material, they can be worn under almost anything to help layer and keep the child warmer than if they were to wear pants alone.

Leggings Last

All parents eventually go through the same thing; they buy their child clothes just in time for the child to outgrow the clothes. Leggings are different, since they are made from a highly flexible material, the child can wear them longer than most other types of pants and tights. Unlike tights, the leggings do not have feet in them so it is easy for parents to let the leggings become shorter to wear like capris. At the same time, parents can buy the leggings in a size or two too big and they will still fit around the waist, unlike pants; roll them up and they still fit. With leggings, the child can start to wear them while they are too long and continue to wear them until they are too short. Sometimes, this can mean that kids can get years of use out of leggings.

Price and Availability

Most stores carry inexpensive leggings. Not only do leggings often cost under $15, since the child can wear them for years to come, they are one of the best things a parent can stock up on. Leggings can be found from the basic box stores to designer boutiques. They are available in all sizes, styles and colors.  Best Dressed Tot offers a wide variety of leggings for all ages.

Leggings are one type of clothes that both parents and children can agree on. Kids love them because they come in fun styles and colors and parents love them because they are inexpensive, versatile and kids can wear them for years to come. Leggings are a great addition for any little diva’s closet.

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